Food Photography

I aim to capture your food at its most beautiful and hunger-inducing. My style is minimalist, light and bright, and attainable, meaning that the viewer wants to grab a fork and dive right in. Packages available for restaurants, bloggers and food brands.

Starting at $500

Recipe Development

I specialize in developing "healthy-ish" recipes across a broad spectrum of diets from vegan to paleo to gluten-free. I can work with you to determine recipes that will speak to your audience most through audience, SEO and current food trend analysis.

Starting at $300

Recipe Videography

I create recipe videos (hands-in-pans, Tasty-style) to share on social media and your website that will highlight your recipe and make your audience stop their scroll no matter where they land on it. Includes all concepting, shooting, editing and delivery.

Starting at $700